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New Petrel capabilities from Schlumberger

Posted: 20 September 2011

Schlumberger released the Play-to-Prospect Risk plug-in for the Petrel E&P software platform.

This technology offers an integrated petroleum-system-based assessment to consistently evaluate key risk elements from play to prospect.

“Statistics show that, on average, two of three frontier exploration wells today are unsuccessful, indicating that we as an industry still fail to properly manage exploration risk,” said Tony Bowman, president, Schlumberger Information Solutions (SIS).

“While seismic technology advances have enabled better evaluation of trap and reservoir risks, almost three-quarters of dry exploration wells are due to an inadequate understanding of charge and seal risk. With the new Play-to-Prospect Risk plug-in, oil and gas companies have a standardized process that integrates petroleum-system-based assessment to better understand charge and seal risk.”

The Play-to-Prospect Risk plug-in takes geological elements—trap, reservoir, charge and seal—and converts them into chance maps through a suite of transform methods.

Scenarios are compared to determine play limits and identify areas for high grading to support rapid ranking of opportunities.

The process seamlessly migrates from play-scale to prospect-level assessment, all within Petrel. This enables refinement of geological scenarios combined with chance of success—to deliver probabilistic hydrocarbon volumes.

Consistent workflows for play-to-prospect risk assessment across teams provide a standard method for evaluating study areas with a clear audit trail.

The plug-in calculates the mean economic case for potential field development and the probabilistic economic resource case—based on the minimum economic reserve parameter for the geographic area.

This enables effective portfolio management based on a clear understanding of risk and chance of success.




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