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Casio Pocket Viewer PV-750

Richard Price
24 October 2000

Trust Casio to launch a fully featured personal digital assistant (PDA) that doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

There are a number of PDAs on the market now, but not many come with the features and appealing price tag of the PV-750.

Having played around with the Casio PV-750 for a few weeks I am quite attached to it and it now contains the details of everyone who has given me a business card.

The PV-750 has the capacity to hold the information of 8000 contacts. These details can be stored under the default personal or business contact headings.There are five other unspecified categories that can be configured.

Inputting data can be tedious. Tapping in information on the miniature on-screen keyboard using the stylus is easy enough but time-consuming if you have a number of entries to make. The PV-750 comes with a cradle and software that helps exchange data between the unit and a computer.

Enterpise Harmony provides software that allows Casio Pocket Viewer users to synchronise with a number of other PC applications including Outlook, Lotus Notes, Goldmine and ACT!2000. Suddenly my ACT!2000 database was looking more useful.

Downloading and using the software was easy. The way it worked was less impressive.

All transferred telephone numbers had a +61 in front of them with the next first four digits in brackets ( e.g. +61 (1234) 5678).

The only way I could fix it was to go back to ACT!2000 and insert the code (e.g. (02) 1234 5678) in front of all the telephone numbers.

I was more impressed with the infrared e-mail connection. The PV-750 can be used with a compatible mobile phone to compose, send, receive and read e-mails. Small attachments can be attached to e-mails using the Quick-memo feature.

E-mail functions require an e-mail address and account with an Internet service provider that supports POP3 and SMTP. The Pocket Viewer can store 3 different mail settings

Using software downloadable from the Casio web site the PV-750 can also be used to compose and send SMS messages.

Information can also be exchanged with a mobile phone, allowing the Pocket Viewer to manage and edit phone number information, or make backups of important data.

Like other PDAs there are a number of modes --- scheduler, contacts, memo, expense manager, currency conversion, current time, calendar calculator and games --- which are accessed by tapping the screen with a stylus.

An Action Control on the left side of the unit works a bit like a mouse allowing menus to be easily scrolled through. Rotate the Action Control to select a menu option and then press it down to execute the command.

The scheduler stores up to 24,000 diary items. It can be viewed on a daily, monthly or three-monthly format. An alarm can be set to alert you to important dates.

The PV-750 does not have handwriting recognition. Messages have to be composed using the on-screen keypad and stylus. It is relatively easy to add appointment details this way. The PV-750 stores up to 1400 memo items and 8000 contact details.

The PV-750 comes with 2MB of Flash memory. Even if the batteries have been removed or simply run out, data will be safely stored for up to 30 days, ensuring all e-mails, diary entries, contacts and memos should be safe.

The security conscious can use a password to protect sensitive data in a secret memory area.
RRP AU$399



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