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MYOB Retail Manager

Richard Price
21 November 2000

Well, the new tax system is almost upon us and MYOB is galloping to the rescue. So, before selling up in despair over all the GST paperwork and moving to Nimbin, have a look at MYOB RetailManager.

MYOB RetailManager is not that new though. Before MYOB took it over, it was known as Digi-Till.

It doesn't matter if your shop is not computerised or you have never even bothered with a cash register before. RetailManager can be used on a PC or a retail store can choose to purchase the full POS (point of sale) system with a bar code scanner, docket printer, electronic cash drawer, touch screen monitor and programmable keyboard.

Depending on the configuration this will set you back about AU$4000. However, MYOB RetailManager has been designed to function as a stand-alone program, and can operate perfectly on a computer sitting on a shop counter.

MYOB RetailManger uses a simple receipt-style screen layout. The screen is option driven and can be customised to suit the way most people work.

Entry fields not in use can be skipped, or even locked so they cannot be tampered with. Unlike a traditional cash register, MOYB RetailManager lets you know what is in stock and what needs to be ordered.

MYOB RetailManager is designed to link up with other accounting software. Company data can easily be exported to other products in the MYOB range or QuickBooks Pro.

Along the way MYOB RetailManager captures details of every transaction. This information can be used to generate reports that allow the user to review their business situation.

All of the reports can be exported to other formats like Microsoft Word or Excel.

MYOB has gone out of their way to simplify the whole GST process. You don't have to worry about ensuring staff are GST literate. They don't even have to make any GST. Decisions on all the GST management happens behind the scenes. MYOB RetailManager can handle taxable and GST free goods, print tax invoices and adjustment notes, ensure your ABN appears on all required documentation and produce GST reports for the ATO and your accountant.

The MYOB RetailManager manual covers just about everything you need to know. There is also a comprehensive section on the GST and what to expect.

The program itself is easy to install, and needs to be registered in order to get full functionality of the program. RetailManager has enough interesting features to help anyone make the most of their business.

By capturing customer details it is possible to develop loyalty programs and study buying habits and trends. Mailing labels can be printed for all customers to simplify direct marketing campaigns.

To run MYOB RetailManger you need Windows 95/98 or Windows NT, a 200MHz Pentium, 32MB RAM, 500MB free hard disk space, a CD-ROM drive, a backup device, VGA monitor, keyboard and mouse.

RetailManager will not function without a printer.

RetailManager comes with a hardware assistant to help you set up any additional hardware and peripheral devices, like cash drawers and barcode scanners. This is necessary if upgrading from Digi-Till to ensure all the devices are working.

Of course, if you find the whole process is just too much, contact a RetailManager Sales Partner who would be able to setup and configure your system for you.





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