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PII Pipeline Solutions releases PipeView SheetGen 5.0

Posted: 19 May 2008

GE's PII Pipeline Solutions has launched a new version of PipeView SheetGen, a software tool for generating pipeline alignment sheets directly from maintained data sources.

SheetGen is an application that automatically generates alignment sheets directly from relational databases and geographic information systems.

The latest release of SheetGen also supports direct editing of enterprise data, meaning that attributes can be edited right from the band view.

"SheetGen was the first alignment sheet generation product in the industry when it was developed in 1992," said John Bucci, general manager of GE’s PII Pipeline Solutions business.

"The SheetGen team has created a mixture of power, flexibility, and ease of use, providing improved features that operators will greatly appreciate."

With this release of SheetGen 5.0, users can generate ad-hoc alignment sheets on demand simply by navigating to an area of interest on the map. SheetGen will then produce an alignment sheet using the map extents, allowing the ability to create alignment sheets where required in addition to the use of predefined sheet windows.

SheetGen provides the time-saving feature of on-demand previews for alignment sheet configurations. The sheet layout that the user sees on the screen is the sheet the user receives as hard copy. Such new efficiency-based features and an improved interface greatly simplify the configuration process.

Another feature provided with SheetGen is a set of pre-defined templates that users can take advantage of immediately. Predefined templates contain preset bands that users can simply copy, save, and modify or they can create new ones as needed.




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