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Invensys enterprise control system at ExxonMobil

Posted: 11 January 2008

Invensys Process Systems recently celebrated the flawless startup of a comprehensive enterprise control system at the ExxonMobil Port Allen Lubricants Plant in Louisiana.

"This is a classic example of how our InFusion technology can serve as an efficient platform for plant-wide integration," said Grant Le Sueur, InFusion marketing director at Invensys Process Systems.

"In this case, the client's sophisticated requirements were successfully achieved through a combination of technology and delivery talent, resulting in enhanced operational collaboration and improved supply chain performance."

The InFusion-based system makes extensive use of Microsoft.NET and other advanced technologies to provide functional integration from the
plant's SAP enterprise resource planning system (inventory, order, shipments, etc.), through batch process control, and on to final packaging and shipping operations.

Although originally implemented to address an end of life issue with the existing control system, the final solution provided the added benefit of facilitating production flexibility and improved work flow.

The system's scalability has enabled the InFusion-based system to become a template for other ExxonMobil lubricant facilities.

Through a joint Invensys and ExxonMobil team effort, the installation was successfully completed and the plant was back to full production with no safety incidents.





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