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New technologies improve efficiency in onshore gas fields

Posted: 13 December 2007

Schlumberger and Moblize formed a partnership to apply advanced real-time technologies to improve field operations efficiency in onshore gas fields, and address the problem of managing gas well liquid loading.

The partnership will couple advanced technologies with proven processes for gas well life cycle management, moving from field operations efficiency and well status through monitoring, on to well and reservoir performance management.

Initial emphasis will be for onshore wells in the United States.

"Across the oilfield we see significant value in a new generation of production processes, with decision-ready data used in new workflows, often by users that had no access to this information before," said Alex Cisneros Jr., vice president, North America Data and Consulting Services, Schlumberger.

"Realizing this value requires working closely with clients on their projects, advanced 'last mile' IT capabilities, and geo-technical strength with a broad, technology led service portfolio."

The new services will use the Moblize Kanak Solution suite with any wellsite device or field/office SCADA systems and transmit data to the Moblize Enterprise Gateway Server (MEGS), a secure Internet-based system providing equipment monitoring.

Schlumberger receives data from this technology for its ProductionWatcher solution, which includes a liquid loading workflow that provides a model for surveillance of gas well production and decline over time, enabling proactive management.

"The front line real time well surveillance solutions of Moblize combine perfectly with the Schlumberger well production and field wide performance improvement capabilities," said Amit Mehta, Principal of Moblize.





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