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Utilities organisations adopting Intergraph G/Technology

Posted: 19 September 2007

G/Technology is built as an open, standards-compliant, spatially-enabled data management system based on Intergraph's expertise in the electric, gas, pipeline, water, and communications industries.

With more than 60 successful migrations from FRAMME to G/TechnologyTM, the solution from Intergraph that integrates geofacilities management with operational support and service delivery applications, leading utilities and communications organisations worldwide are driving efficiency by leveraging industry best practices.

Among the organisations realising the benefits of G/Technology are:

  • Central Vermont Public Service - CVPS, the largest electric company in Vermont, serves more than 158,000 customers in 152 communities.
  • HNG Midt-Nord - HNG distributes natural gas in the Greater Copenhagen (Denmark) area. In Central and North Jutland, natural gas is distributed by Naturgas Midt-Nord, a municipally owned partnership.
  • KPN - KPN provides telephone, Internet and television services to personal customers in The Netherlands. It provides a range of services, from voice, Internet and data services to full-managed outsourced ICT solutions, in The Netherlands and internationally, as well as mobile services in The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and western Europe. KPN serves 6 million wireline voice subscribers, 8.7 million mobile customers, 2.3 million Internet customers and 0.3 million TV-customers in the Netherlands as well as 15.6 million mobile customers in Germany and Belgium.

"While FRAMME has served the company well over the past 10 years, the time had come to look for its replacement," said Julie Congdon, project coordinator, senior application system analyst and software developer.

The team investigated products offered by two of the industry's leaders in geographic information systems. Fact-finding workshops were conducted with each company. The team then evaluated scope of work contracts and contacted references to compare the two companies.

"As a result of this due diligence, Intergraph emerged as the clear choice to continue as our GIS provider," Congdon said.

"G/Technology is built on Intergraph's knowledge of utilities and communications company best practices, addressing the needs for cost containment, process improvement, systems integration, customer base retention, and new service opportunities," said Jay Stinson, vice president, Intergraph Utilities & Communications.

"Adoption of G/Technology continues to gain momentum, confirming that leading organisations aspire to a truly open, standards-based technology with strong emphasis on integration.

"These organisations understand the value of technology that provides a seamless workflow among applications that plan, construct, and maintain a company's supply network."

"Intergraph designed the suite with an emphasis on configurability, return on investment, and role-based permissions, allowing organisations to benefit from the collective best practices of their industry peers."

G/Technology delivers faster and easier data access, lower cost of ownership, and easier administration while speeding reporting, eliminating connectivity errors, and reducing time to update maps.

Spatial reporting is exponentially faster in G/Technology: a project requiring 3 days to produce with FRAMME takes approximately 30 minutes with G/Technology, including reporting or mapping consumers within a certain distance along a conductor.

As a benefit of designing new jobs in G/Technology, regulatory reporting of new assets becomes more accurate and easier.





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