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Gassonic new gas leak detector

Posted: 29 June 2007

Gassonic A/S launched a new EEx-i ultrasonic gas leak detector for fixed installations in the petrochemical industry.

The new detector is based on more than 10 years experience with developing and manufacturing ultrasonic gas leak detectors and an installed base of more than 2.500 detectors worldwide.

The Gassonic Surveyor is a cost-effective and low maintenance product. It is based on robust and proven stainless steel microphone technology to ensure instant gas leak detection in extreme environmental conditions.

The Gassonic Surveyor has wide detection coverage of up to 20 meters in radius. Among its features, the detector has visual LED indication of detector status, wide dynamic range (44-104 dB), and standard 4-20 mA analogue output.

The detector is easily tested and calibrated onsite with the Gassonic 1701 portable test and calibration unit. The Gassonic Surveyor is also retrofittable with existing Gassonic MM0100 installations.

"We believe that the development of the Gassonic Surveyor emphasises our dedication to new research and development and our desire to fulfill our clients' needs," said Martin T. Olesen, Managing Director, Gassonic A/S.

The Gassonic Surveyor can be used for all pressurized gas installations such as LNG/gas plants, compressor stations, and gas storage facilities. It is certified for use in EEX hazardous environments.

Gassonic A/S has certified and experienced engineers and may be contacted to assist customers during pre-engineering and commissioning to optimize the performance of the ultrasonic gas leak detection system.





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