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Invensys operator training simulator for Wyoming refinery

Posted: 6 June 2007

Invensys solution to include SimSci-Esscor DYNSIM process simulation and FSIM Plus controls simulation, supporting a variety of operator training functions

Invensys Process Systems has been awarded a contract from Sinclair Oil Corporation for a SimSci-Esscor Operating Training Simulator (OTS) to be implemented at the Sinclair refinery near Rawlins, Wyoming.

Advanced dynamic simulation technology in the new OTS will allow Sinclair's Wyoming Refinery to train operators on all aspects of plant operations and controls, as well as start-up, shutdown and emergency situation management of the refinery's newly constructed delayed coker unit.

"Sinclair Wyoming Refinery selected Invensys' OTS solution based on its ability to integrate easily and be compatible with our existing control system," said Ed Juno, Operations Manager at Sinclair Wyoming Refining Company.

The Invensys OTS solution will include SimSci-Esscor DYNSIM simulation software for high fidelity process modeling of all plant processes.

The OTS will play an important role at the refinery, as the new delayed coker unit is the first such unit installed at the facility.

The simulator will help accelerate commissioning of the new unit.

The Sinclair Wyoming Refinery currently employs Foxboro I/A Series distributed control systems (DCS) throughout the facility, and the new software implementation will include the FSIM Plus solution that simulates the Foxboro DCS, facilitating controls checkout and related operator functions.

The operations and controls simulation solution is integrated by the SimSci-Esscor SIM4ME common user environment.

Invensys will provide a range of professional services in connection with the OTS implementation.





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