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Advantica unveils enhanced SynerGEE gas modules

Posted: 03 April 2006

With the recent release of SynerGEE Gas version 4.2, Advantica announces the delivery of the Time-Varying Module (TVM), Unsteady-State Module (USM), Facilities Management Module (FMM) and Cost of Service Module (COSM) for gas network modeling.

The modules offer extensive functionality enhancements and complete Advantica’s migration of all SynerGEE Gas modules to the revitalized SynerGEE 4.x environment.

“These modules provide practical modeling tools that enable users to perform tasks never before possible in SynerGEE,” said Angela Baker, Software Development Manager. “We’ve put the user in control of what and how they want to model systems and perform analyses.”

TVM and USM offer major new enhancements, including the replacement of SynerGEE 3.x conditional and procedure chapters with logical operating scripts to expand functionality and control for automating model events.

The new capability exposes virtually all modeling features, variables and attributes for greater modeling flexibility. The scripting functionality has also taken these features to the traditional steady-state model as well.

USM offers fast and slow transient methods for advanced gas network studies.

The fast transient method enables users to accurately simulate isothermal, time-varying events such as network line breaks and gas loss.

The slow transient method eliminates the unsteady-state momentum calculation to simulate slower network events occurring over time and saves considerable time and computations.

Both TVM and USM offer a fully editable results plan that allows users to interactively define charting variables before and during a time-varying or unsteady-state analysis. The plan is pre-populated with standard modeling attributes and lets users add attributes, including facilities, nodes, system variables and profile information, at any time.

Also now available is the Facilities Management Module, a comprehensive application that allows users to synchronize SynerGEE models with GIS updates without rebuilding the model and losing valuable hydraulic data. Users can review changes spatially and selectively accept or reject individual or groups of changes to merge into the SynerGEE model.

“Our products reflect our existing and potential clients’ needs and, we believe, set a benchmark for the rest of the industry to reach,” Baker continued.

Completing the new version’s offerings is the Cost of Service Module, an extension of SynerGEE’s steady-state reporting functionality.

COSM uses pipe cost and capacity along with customer peak day demand to calculate the cost of service in a gas distribution network.

COSM traces a model from node to facility to node to provide insight on the financial assessment of a pipeline system.



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