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Signum Oil Analysis from ExxonMobil delivers technical expertise and convenience

Posted: 10 March 2006

ExxonMobil is expanding its proprietary Signum Oil Analysis program for industrial facilities, heavy off-highway equipment operators and trucking fleets.

The advanced, online-enabled oil analysis program is designed to help plant engineers and maintenance professionals improve equipment durability and reliability, anticipate potential failures, and reduce overall maintenance costs.

Signum Oil Analysis brings the power and expertise of ExxonMobil's global laboratory network directly to maintenance professionals, and redefines flexibility and convenience for conducting oil analysis.

Available via the Internet at, the service enables users to manage their oil and lubrication analysis needs quickly at anytime, anywhere.

The online interface provides customers with immediate access to ExxonMobil's dedicated lubrication specialists and customized recommendations based on the company's proprietary oil analysis and test control limits.

"With Signum Oil Analysis, plant managers and maintenance professionals always have, at their fingertips, a wealth of valuable information and a comprehensive view of their entire oil analysis program," said Susan Bello, industrial lubricants services advisor, ExxonMobil Lubricants & Specialties.

"Combining decades of lubrication expertise and OEM relationships with an easy-to-use online information delivery, Signum Oil Analysis sets the standard for convenience for anyone whose business requires quality oil analysis and who wishes to extract maximum value from their oil analysis program."

Signum Oil Analysis offers customers immediate access and direct control of their lubricant sampling program. With a few keystrokes, users can:

  • Manage equipment registrations and select analysis options - Customers can manage and update equipment registrations and select analysis options based on their equipment or maintenance needs.
  • Track the status of samples at the lab - Users can confirm the status of time-critical samples once they have arrived at the Signum Oil Analysis Laboratory.
  • Manage actions based on analysis results - Customers can better manage maintenance activities knowing they have a resource with global OEM (original equipment manufacturer) relationships and hands-on lubrication experience. Signum Oil Analysis results, interpretation and recommendations help users identify potential problems and to take action to enhance equipment life and performance.
  • Request sample kits - Users can obtain easy-to-use sampling supplies, such as clear sample bottles, enabling easy, visual inspection. They also can order pre-printed mailing labels and secure containers to ensure sample quality.
  • Collaborate - Customers can share critical results with colleagues and ExxonMobil technical experts in a secure, password-protected environment.



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