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  Hacking Exposed 3rd Edition, Network Security Secrets and Solutions
ISBN 0-07-219381-6

Richard Price
2 April 2002

I never thought a book on computer hacking would be such a good read. No wonder it’s a best seller.

Don’t be put off if network security is not your strong point, the authors manage to express the most complicated concepts clearly enough to scare the CEO of any company.

It could be argued that this book may give clues to hackers, but it contains nothing that a real hacker wouldn’t know anyway.

Rather, it is intended to make network administrators and computer professionals aware of weak spots. Even the most savvy companies are likely to have vulnerabilities. As companies and individuals continue to expand their Internet presence, minimising risk becomes crucial.

Home users may believe their personal computer is not worth attacking, but may be unaware that most attacks are not carried out personally --- they happen on autopilot and will find any vulnerable computer.

This book includes up-to-date information on the latest Windows, Linux Unix and Netware hacks as well as countermeasures; analog dial-up and web attacks; 802.11 wireless network attacks; eCommerce hacking methodology; and case studies covering recent attacks of note.

This book explains how to defend as well as attack programs, web sites, voicemail, firewalls and even individual Internet users.

Hackers even keep an eye on the stock exchange. Not because they want to hack into it, but because they want to know when companies are being taken over. As newly merged companies struggle to combine their networks an opportunistic hacker could find a security weakness.

It is not only network administrators who should bear the responsibility of security.

It is surprising how much company information can be gleaned from sloppy HTML code. Even a posting to a usergroup could inadvertently alert a hacker to the weakness of a potential target.

Included with the book is a CD containing a selection of security tools as well as a password database. This contains passwords that are, by default, the initial passwords used for specific computer systems.

This book should be required reading for anyone using a computer connected to a network.

Price: AU$81.77


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