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ExxonMobil at World Future Energy Summit 2009

Posted: 15 January 2009

ExxonMobil will demonstrate its expertise and commitment to energy efficiency, both in its operations and in consumers' use of its products, at its exhibit at the 2009 World Future Energy Summit in Abu Dhabi from January 19-21, 2009.

The exhibit showcases ExxonMobil’s proactive approach to reducing its own energy use as well as assisting consumers of hydrocarbon-based fuels in reducing their energy use. On display will be a prototype automobile featuring parts made from ExxonMobil lightweight plastics and rubber. Lighter vehicles use less fuel; for every 10-percent drop in vehicle weight, fuel economy improves by seven percent.

The exhibit will also contain information from ExxonMobil’s Outlook for Energy that examines the importance of accelerating gains in energy efficiency, expanding all commercially viable energy sources, and developing and deploying technology to help mitigate the growth of emissions associated with energy use.

"ExxonMobil and its affiliate companies in the UAE are pleased and honored to participate as a platinum sponsor in the 2009 World Future Energy Summit and to share information on ExxonMobil’s actions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions," said Frank J. Kemnetz, president, Exxon (Al-Khalij), Inc.

"At the ExxonMobil exhibit, we will present some details of our long-standing effort to develop and deploy technologies that improve energy efficiency, both in our operations and in the consumer use of our products."

As a speaker on the Automotive Panel on Tuesday, January 20, Nazeer Bhore, senior technology advisor, Exxon Mobil Corporation, will discuss advanced vehicle and fuel technologies that will be important to meeting global demand for transportation fuels. They will also help address the risk posed by rising greenhouse-gas emissions.

ExxonMobil participates in two oil concessions in the United Arab Emirates, one onshore and one offshore.

The offshore Upper Zakum (ExxonMobil interest, 28 percent), is one of the world’s largest oil fields, with approximately 50 billion barrels originally in place, and less than 10 percent of the resource produced to date.

In 2007, The ExxonMobil Technology Center opened in Abu Dhabi to allow staff working on Upper Zakum access to industry’s most advanced technology in areas of reservoir management, well management and production operations.




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