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OGS 2008 showcases water treatment technologies

Posted: 26 October 2008

The 15th edition of OGS is focusing on water treatment technologies to offer support in addressing the technical and business challenges of industrial water treatment in the region.

"The industrial and population boom in the region have dramatically affected the demand for water in the GCC," said Anselm Godinho, Managing Director, International Conferences and Exhibitions (IC&E), the organisers of OGS.

"In Dubai alone, some AED 12 billion in investments have been channelled towards desalination projects, while demand in the Arab World is expected to grow at six per cent annually.

"In this respect, OGS has launched a new and dedicated platform that will help address such a critically important component of the region's long-term sustainability," said Godinho.

Expertise related to conserving, recycling and treating water resources is an important part of government and private sector expenditure in the GCC, particularly as proximity to seas coupled with a lack of fresh water sources has led to the region processing 50 percent of all desalinated water globally.

OGS offers a comprehensive platform to source the tools, technologies and expertise in the sector.

OGS 2008 will be held at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from October 28 to 30, 2008.

Organised with the theme 'Cultivating Synergy in Energy', OGS 2008 features a fully reworked format that now includes four distinct segments: Electricity and Water Technology 2008; Instrumentation, Automation and Laboratory Technology 2008; Oil and Gas; and Careers Expo.

Careers Expo 2008 focuses on providing the required professional manpower support for the region's critical sectors such as oil & gas, renewable energy, and water utilities.

Instrumentation, Automation and Laboratory Technology has been designed as a cross-industrial platform showcasing a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art equipment, technology and expertise.

Covering both upstream and downstream industries, Oil and Gas 2008 facilitates interaction and business development within the oil and gas industry, particularly in the rapidly growing areas of hydrocarbon technology, extraction techniques, storage and transport infrastructure.




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