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Biofuels Summit

2nd Annual Biofuels Summit

25 - 27 May :: Singapore

Biofuels play an important role in the global energy mix. With the progress in technology, biofuels is becoming an increasing viable alternative to conventional sources of energy.

Biofuels production capacity is expanding rapidly in response to heightened market demand resulting from volatile fossil fuel prices, favorable tax incentives, government regulations and consumer concerns over environmental and energy security issues.

Following the exceptional success of the 1st Biofuels Summit in Thailand, Salvo Global is proud to present its 2nd Annual Biofuels Summit as part of its series of events dedicated to the biofuels industry in the Asia Pacific region.

Salvo’s 2nd Annual Biofuels Summit will showcase successful strategies to generate biofuels form of renewable energy.

The 2nd Annual Biofuels Summit 2009 will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from a leading industry experts within all areas of the biofuels industry including governments, agribusiness companies, biofuel producers, investment and project finance companies, and technology suppliers.

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