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Mini-LNG plant cost-effective energy solution

Posted: 1 February 2008

Global Cryo Systems, a member of the Dubai-based Global Process Systems Group, is launching its innovative concept for mini-LNG plants at Gastech 2008, the industry’s largest gas expo to be held from 10-13 March in Bangkok, Thailand.

The company is developing skid-mounted small to medium scale plants with capacities in the range of 5 mmscfd to 220 mmscfd, plants which are ideally suited for flare reclamation, virtual pipeline (truck and trailer deliveries), coal bed methane recovery and increasingly for alternative energy projects.

"Rising energy costs coupled with increased energy demand have generated significant opportunities for mini and micro LNG plants," said Operations Manager Dave Gordon.

"LNG provides a clean and cost-effective method of delivering an alternate source of energy to various industries. In addition to helping to reduce the negative environmental impact of certain production methods, LNG plants also deliver saleable energy by-products."

A further attractive feature is the small footprint required for such plants.

The firm is applying its 30-year track record and proprietary leading-edge Kryopak technology used in building industrial refrigeration and CO2 liquefaction plants to build this new generation of economical and efficient mini-LNG plants.

"With fabrication facilities in UAE, Malaysia, Indonesia and the US, we are able to provide customers with reduced field construction labour, decreased start-up time and improved plant portability when compared to traditional build-in-place facilities," said Gordon.

In a recent development, the company now also has fabrication facilities available in Thailand through the strategic partnership formed between Global Process Systems and PAE of Thailand.

Two mini-LNG plants are already in operation in China and Western Australia with a third scheduled for Peru and a fourth for East Coast Australia.

At Weizhou Island in China, Beihai XinAo Gas Company Limited has been successfully operating its LNG plant from recovered flare gas to provide saleable natural gas for remote markets, utilising the once wasted fuel resource.

In Australia, power company Energy Developments Limited readily identified the advantages of using a mini-LNG plant to feed LNG to its gas-fired power stations via an LNG “virtual pipeline” and recently completed startup and commissioning of its own skid-based liquefaction facility.

The 25 mmscfd plant scheduled for Peru will provide LNG as a replacement fuel for diesel, while the new Australia plant will convert coal bed methane into LNG for Australia’s ever expanding long haul vehicular fuel programmes.





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