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Jingemia 11 oil development well commences

Posted: 1 March 2007

Origin Energy Limited reported that operations at the oil development well Jingemia 11, operated by Origin Energy and located in the onshore Perth Basin Production Licence L14, commenced at 21:30 hours WST on Wednesday, 28 February 2007, using the Century 18 drilling rig.

Operation at 06:00 hours WST today was drilling ahead at 195 metres in 311 millimetre (12-1/4 inch) hole.

Jingemia 11 is located 23 kilometres southeast of the township of Dongara.

The primary target is the Late Permian Dongara Sandstone, the main oil-producing reservoir in the Jingemia, Hovea and Eremia fields.

Jingemia 11 is designed to intersect the Dongara Sandstone at a structurally high position in the field. The well is being drilled directionally and is prognosed to intersect the top of the Dongara Sandstone at approximately 2,490 metres measured depth at a subsurface location approximately 645 metres east-northeast of the surface location.

Surface co-ordinates for the Jingemia 11 drilling location are as follows:

Latitude: 29o 20’ 20.28” S
Longitude: 114o 59’ 18.91” E

The well has a planned total depth of approximately 2,614 metres measured depth and is expected to take 18 days to drill and complete.

Participants in L14 and Jingemia 11 are:

Origin Energy Developments Pty Ltd (Operator) 49.189%
ARC Energy Ltd 44.141%
Victoria Petroleum Offshore Pty Ltd 5.000%
Norwest Energy NL 1.278%
Roc Oil (WA) Pty Ltd 0.250%
J.K. Geary 0.142%



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Beach Petroleum

Horizon Oil

Saudi FAL