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Fugro wins contract metocean study

Posted: 1 May 2006

Knowledge and understanding of currents, the underlying water masses, and the interaction of wind and wave are all vital for the design and safe operation of floating production systems and other key offshore oil and gas development components.

This fact lies at the heart of one of the largest and most comprehensive meteorological and oceanographic (metocean) studies ever to be undertaken for the oil and gas industry anywhere in the world.

Shell (Shell Brasil Ltda and Shell International Exploration and Production Inc) has awarded a two-year contract to Fugro Geosolutions (Brasil) Serviços De Levantamento, part of the recently formed Fugro Oceansatpeg Joint Venture in Brazil, in which Fugro GEOS will play a major role.

The contract accounts for the measurement, acquisition and analysis of metocean data offshore Brazil in and around proposed development areas in Blocks BC-10 and BS-4.

"This long-term assessment emphasises Shell's commitment to undertaking field development work offshore Brazil that is a good example of an area that offers Shell growth opportunities," said Michael Vogel, of Shell International E&P.

The purpose of the measurement programme is to characterise the behaviour and variability of the Brasil Current and underlying water masses (including its meanders and eddies), and the concurrent surface processes of wind and wave. 

The measurement programme will comprise the deployment of two moorings at each location for a period of two years.

Each will feature a deepwater current meter mooring measuring full water column current profile data, using a combination of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) and Recording Current Meters (RCMs); and a Fugro OCEANOR Wavescan buoy mooring measuring directional wave data, meteorological data and seawater parameters.

The moorings will be deployed using the Fugro Oceansatpeg JV owned dedicated survey vessel OPEG I, in water depths of approximately 1,750m at Block BC-10 and 1,550m at Block BS-4.

The work programme is unique in combining the deployment of deepwater current meter moorings with harsh environment buoy-based measurements of wave, seawater and meteorological parameters.

The surface buoy will also employ satellite communications to report data on a regular basis and allow the publication of monthly data reports.

Area-side surveys of current and seawater temperature and conductivity will allow site-specific conditions and larger scale oceanic phenomena to be investigated.

The moorings will be serviced at six-monthly intervals.

Every site visit will also include a metocean survey field programme that will include vessel-mounted ADCP (VMADCP) profiling over approximately 1,300km of pre-set survey lines that will encompass each of the measurement locations and the area between the two locations.

An estimated 63 CTD profiles will be collected along the VMADCP transects during each site visit.  All data will be quality controlled, analysed, presented and reported to the high standards required by both Fugro and Shell.

"This award is testament to Fugro's emphasis on combining high calibre staff, with advanced measurement techniques and excellent local resources giving our clients confidence and creating customer success," said Jan van Smirren, Regional Director for Fugro GEOS Inc.

"One of the strengths of our proposal is that we are using tried and tested technologies and deployment systems.

"What is unusual is the combination of these measurement techniques on an overall measurement programme - we have a fascinating and challenging two years ahead of us."



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