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BHR Group’s 16th International Pipeline Protection Conference

Posted: 14 August 2005

Registration is now open for the conference which will be held in Paphos, Cyprus , 2-4 November 2005.

Pipelines are often the most efficient, environmentally-friendly, and cost-effective way of transporting liquids and gases. They are ideal for transportation over the short runs required in process plants or the longer distances involved in oil and gas lines. A pipeline is also the most suitable solution when the product being transported or the surrounding environment need protection. In each case the dependability of the pipeline is paramount.

Safe and economic installation and operation is always critical to a pipeline’s success but in capital intensive and highly regulated sectors there is also a need to prolong the useful life of the existing infrastructure. The 1996 Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive from the European Council demands that industrial installations such as pipelines must be fully compliant by 30 October 2007. Owners and operators will be responsible for the performance of their pipelines and to achieve compliance they must employ “Best Available Techniques”. Pipeline operators should adopt a “whole pipe - whole life” approach and use economic assessments to evaluate the best protection methodologies. The critical factor for pipelines is often leakage control.

BHR Group’s 16th International Conference on Pipeline Protection provides the latest information on research, developments and applications in this critical area.

This biennial event was established in 1975 and is now recognised as the premier technical event on the subject. Building on the success of its predecessors the 2005 event presents an ideal opportunity for anyone involved in the construction, commissioning, operation, maintenance and rehabilitation of pipelines to share experiences across a wide range of situations. Registration is now open for the conference which will be held in Paphos , Cyprus , 2-4 November 2005.

The conference offers pipeline owners, designers, financiers, suppliers, constructors, operators and consultants an unrivalled gathering in Europe of the World’s leading experts to exchange ideas, discuss fundamental problems and debate the future direction of the pipeline industry.

The conference programme has been devised to provide highly focused information about the latest research, developments and applications across existing installations, new build and rehabilitation projects.

Separate sessions will cover the key themes of: Design, Risk and Management; Coating Failures & Rehabilitation; Development of FBE Coatings; Selection of Coatings; Materials Testing & Procedures; Offshore; Water; Monitoring Techniques etc.

The conference is designed for pipeline operators, contractors, coatings manufacturers and developers, consultants, designers, researchers and anyone associated with the oil and gas, chemical and water industries that needs to know about the best way to protect pipes and pipelines.

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