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Yuzhmorgeologia selects iXSea

Posted: 25 July 2005

The Russian state geological enterprise Yuzhmorgeologia (based in Gelendijk on the black sea) has selected iXSea as their solution provider for the precise positioning at 6,000m depth of its Ultra Deep Mak-1 sidescan sonar.

Yuzhmorgeologia is primarily engaged in geophysical oil and gas exploration. The first scheduled survey using the iXSea solution will take place in the Northern Pacific for a deep sea survey of mineral resources.

Yuzhmorgeologia’s need for better accuracy of seafloor mapping at great depths required better positioning of the Ultra Deep Mak-1. The iXSea solution will allow precise positioning of the sonar towed by an 11,000m long cable and includes POSIDONIA USBL, OCTANS III attitude sensor, PHINS Inertial Navigation System and a number of OCEANO acoustic releases.

POSIDONIA is an Ultra Short BaseLine (USBL) acoustic positioning system which provides unique accurate positioning as a result of its CHIRP and FM modulation techniques. Capable of tracking positioning systems at 6,000m depths, POSIDONIA holds the world record in slant range of 9,680m and guarantees high performance even in harsh environmental conditions.

The OCTANS III which will be mounted on board is an accurate motion sensor which outputs true heading, roll, pitch, heave, surge and sway as well as acceleration and rate of turn. It is also an IMO-certified gyrocompass and attitude sensor, still the smallest of its class in the world, and is maintenance-free thanks to its strapdown technology.

PHINS, the first Photonic Inertial Navigation System based on FOG unique strapdown technology, has an inertial heart based on Fibre-Optic Gyroscopes. PHINS outputs position, roll, pitch, depth, velocity, heave and heading to a very high level of accuracy will greatly assist in the precise positioning at 6,000m depth the Ultra Deep Mak-1 sidescan sonar. Additionally, miscellaneous equipment has also been purchased and includes iXSea’s acoustic releases which will further add value to the overall solution.

The Yuzhmorgeologia vessel was dry-docked in Santiago-de-Chile for system installation and other operations, both iXSea and Yuzhmorgeologia engineers successfully tested the installed solution.

The iXSea solution for improved accuracy of seafloor mapping at great depths can be adapted to different types of towed vehicles. iXSea also provides sonars and SBPs upgrade solutions including Delph Sonar and Delph Seismic data acquisition and processing system.

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