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Oil Education and Training is focus of Global Event

Posted: 15 March 2005

This March Houston plays host to an unusual gathering, where two seemingly very different industries come together to tackle a global problem. On 22nd – 24th March 2005 the world’s first global education and training event for the upstream oil & gas business is being launched by Getenergy Ltd – a London-based company whose average age is just 26.

The Managing Director of that company, Phil Andrews, (27) a Shell Livewire Young Entrepreneur 2004, is reacting to what he believes is an international need amongst oil companies from many different countries.

Andrews says, “There is little doubt that oil companies are prioritizing education and training in 2005. When you speak to the most senior figures in the business, they have the same message; national content, the ‘big crew change’ and more complex technical challenges all require advanced engineers and technicians in their hundreds of thousands. Getenergy 2005 is designed to bring people from education and training organizations across the globe, together with oil companies to tackle those issues. And what’s more, we’re doing it without the normal barriers to international business!”

Andrews reveals that he used to run standard oil and gas conferences for an international conference company. He left his job after only six months because he was tired of seeing delegates getting no value out of the two day ‘Power Point shows’ which the traditional format offered. Andrews remembers being shocked when his delegates got more value out of the coffee break that the conference.

His first business, The Industry Exchange Ltd, maintains a very different mode of operation, seeking only to ‘Bring people together without barriers’.

“Those barriers include Power Points, dull agendas and long boring speeches. By engaging our delegates from the moment they register and bringing something of the theatre into our ‘Exchange’ events, my team are growing an international reputation of which we are proud.” Andrews says.

His oil education and training show is evidence of that! Indeed, the idea behind the Getenergy initiative came about following an Exchange event sponsored by the British Government’s UKTI which ran in Aberdeen , Scotland during September 2003. Andrews was expecting a fairly low turn out, partly, he confesses, because of the subject matter – education and training.

“To be honest I made the same mistake as plenty of other people who run oil and gas events. I put the education and training exchange at the end of Offshore Europe and only expected 30 people to show up. When we had over 120 people, including representatives from 15 different oil companies, I knew that we were onto something that no-one had taken seriously enough before.”

With the support of the British Consulate General in Houston, Greater Houston Partnership and UK Trade & Investment, Andrews went to visit BP and Shell with his idea for ‘Getenergy 2005’. Within two weeks he had his first international oil company stakeholders and Getenergy has been growing ever since. It now boasts a Learning Arena with over 50 international training companies, Energy Ministers, Heads of Learning and Training from 20 different oil companies and runs between the 22nd – 24th March at the JW Marriott hotel in Houston, Texas.

Not bad for a first event! It is perhaps ironic that the very people helping the global oil business to come to terms with a shortage of skilled young people are exactly that themselves!

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