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Intel embarks on technology awareness roadshow for consumers

Posted: 16 January 2005

Interactive showcase aims at putting KSA and UAE users in contact with the latest technology usage models, in support of the region’s digital transformation

Intel today announced the upcoming launch of a consumer technology roadshow entitled “Enjoy The digital lifestyle” which will follow an experiential approach by providing users in the Middle East with a venue to try out the latest PC usage models, based on mobile computing and digital home technologies.

Scheduled to launch in Jeddah on January 16th, the roadshow will also visit Riyadh, Dammam, Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the coming weeks.

This comes as part of Intel’s efforts to play a role in increasing consumer awareness about technology and its benefits in the region.

“We believe that this interactive approach will enable us to carry the message about the benefits of technology to our audience. This is especially key in this region, where the youth constitutes the majority of the population, and where both governments and the industry have identified the need to conduct intensive awareness programs in order to support the spread of ICT skillsets and help achieve economic competitiveness” said Samir Al-Schamma, Intel’s general manager in the GCC

The display will reflect the look and feel of a digital family room, featuring wirelessly interlinked PCs and consumer electronics devices. New PC users will be able to use Intel’s PC basics tutorial software, whereas the more skilled visitors can compete in a variety of computer games; 3 winners will walk away with state of the art laptop and desktop computers based on the Intel Centrino mobile technology or the Intel Pentium 4 processor with hyper threading technology. Movie lovers will also be able to experience the latest in in-home digital entertainment, by streaming films wirelessly from the computer onto the TV screen, via a digital media adaptor.

“Today, PCs are much more than a web surfing tool, they constitute comprehensive platforms that provide a host of usage models for consumers: supporting smart homes, providing a intelligent and representing an important lifestyle device that allows people to stay connected and communicate when they are on the road” continued Al-Schamma

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