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Gimble investment for Sureclean

Posted: 8 September 2004

Sureclean, the specialist industrial cleaning and environmental waste management company, is complementing its extensive portfolio of safety equipment with an investment of £50,000 in its most recent innovation, the Gimble.  More than £750,000 has been invested in the Alness-based business since the start of the year, bringing Sureclean’s overall investment to in excess of £3 million over the last three years.

The latest addition to Sureclean’s extensive range of accessories enhances safety by maintaining a barrier between the water jet and the operator at all times. It is an easy-to-use, versatile piece of equipment and is simple to manoeuvre into position.

This unit offers the operative in control of the high or ultra high jetting lance greater protection. A series of fail safe devices prevent accidental pressurisation of the system and only permit it to function after the operator is correctly positioned on the stand with the pneumatic stabilisers deployed. The clear polycarbonate screen provides a robust barrier which combines maximum operator safety with excellent visibility. The jetting stand can be moved to a desired area on wheels and locked into position by pneumatic rams.  Used in either mode, the lances can be fitted with a range of different jet heads suitable for a diversity of applications.

The Gimble is no way a replacement for the specialist suits used by jetting operatives, but is instead an additional resource measure to be utilised in instances where conventional hand held lance operation is deemed to be too hazardous.

Sureclean has invested £150,000 in an impressive inventory of the jetting PPE comprising a multitude of jacket, trouser, waistcoat, coverall, gaiter and gauntlet permutations suitable for all water jetting applications. The suits are available as a hire item or provided as an integral component of our service delivery to both onshore and offshore clients.

John Barron, managing director of Sureclean, said: "The Gimble is the latest example of Sureclean’s commitment to safety.  Our philosophy is to reduce risk through innovative design and deployment of specialist equipment, supported by high specification PPE and robust procedures.  This ensures personnel remain safe even in potentially hazardous and demanding work environments."

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Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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