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GE Energy acquires high-resolution digital mapping camera to provide superior image products for customers

Posted: 9 August 2004

GE Energy has purchased an Intergraph Z/I Imaging Digital Mapping Camera (DMC) to enhance the quality and accuracy of images for geospatial applications.

GE Energy provides photogrammetric mapping and GIS products and services for geospatial data management and analysis to customers including private sector civil and environmental engineering firms, utilities, pipeline operators, and government agencies.

The DMC’s capability to capture high-quality imagery with ground resolutions down to 1½” per pixel provides the foundation for engineering-accurate orthophotography and planimetric/topographic mapping. Capturing imagery directly at 12-bit grayscale and 36-bit RGB color enhances resolution and clarity, providing detail not seen before in conventional film-based aerial photography. The DMC captures panchromatic and 4-band (RGB color and infrared) multi-spectral imagery in one pass, providing additional capabilities for image analysis.

Digital imagery acquired by the DMC will streamline existing digital workflows and quality control procedures. This totally digital process ensures the source for planimetric/topographic mapping, orthophotography, CAD and GIS products retains the resolution from the original imagery, allowing GE Energy to deliver high-quality image products to the customer.

“Since this firm entered the mapping market almost 50 years ago, we’ve used leading-edge photogrammetric tech nologies to help us develop better and faster ways to meet our clients’ expectations,” said Ron Domsch, General Manager for GE Energy’s geospatial services business. “As the geospatial industry expands beyond traditional markets, image quality and accuracy will be the attributes that set us apart.”

About GE Energy
GE Energy is one of the world's leading suppliers of power generation and energy delivery tech nology, with 2003 revenues of nearly $18.5 billion. Based in Atlanta , Georgia , GE Energy provides equipment, service and management solutions across the power generation, oil and gas, transmission and distribution, distributed power and energy rental industries.

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