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PANDUIT: Extra-heavy and super-heavy stainless steel ball-locking cable ties reduce installation time

Posted: 7 August 2004

PANDUIT has announced the launch of their strongest ever, labour-saving stainless steel ball-locking cable ties. Featuring the highest loop tensile strengths, the Pan-Steel ties install in as little as one sixth of the time of conventional strapping.

Panduit Super-Heavy (15.9mm wide) and Extra-Heavy (12.7mm wide) ties reduce traditional installation methods into three easy steps: 1. Loop . 2. Tension. 3. Cut. The innovative displacement lock speeds up installation time, resulting in significant labour cost reductions and lowers total installed costs.

The new ties include all of the usual safety features of the PANDUIT MLT range: all edges are fully rounded with smooth surfaces to prevent damage to insulation on cables and adjacent bundles and to protect installers and maintenance workers from injury. Furthermore, through a process known as slip-back, the ties leave no exposed edges after cut-off to guarantee a completely safe installation.

Engineered to withstand the most harsh environments and conditions, including corrosion, chemical attack and temperature extremes of -80°C to 538°C, the Extra-Heavy and Super-Heavy ties carry an estimated outdoor service life of 40 years, ensuring a greater ROI is achieved and reducing the need for expensive periodic rework.

The 304 and 316 grade stainless steel is non-magnetic and offers superior performance and enhanced reliability.

A new tension-controlled installation tool is also available with a lever cutoff mechanism to guarantee a safe, flush cut-off on resilient bundles. A ratchet style take up mechanism provides tensioning capability of up to 450 kg for a secure installation.

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Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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