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ITQAN connects Dolphin Energy across UAE, Qatar , Japan & the US

Posted: 18 July 2004

  • ITQAN successfully implement EDMS into Dolphin Energy
  • Dolphin Energy digitally sharing engineering documents across UAE, Qatar , Japan & US Improve operating efficiency and increased speed of business at Dolphin Energy

ITQAN, the UAE’s leading systems' integrator & solution provider, today announced they have successfully integrated the latest Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) to meet Dolphin Energy Ltd’s corporate requirements in managing engineering design documents. The system ensures that information can be easily shared, archived and routed to the right people at the right time, often across international boarders.

Ibrahim Lari , Vice President, IT & Automation, Dolphin Energy Ltd said, “Like many organisations we had two main objectives – increase efficiency and decrease costs. Unlike many organisations we have two defining characteristics. We required a technology system that could grow in size as Dolphin develops. ITQAN had a wealth of experience in similar projects and understood our requirements. This, coupled with their proven project methodologies, was a deciding factor in selecting them as our project partner.”

Dolphin Energy’s main objective was to improve operating efficiency and speed up business processes through facilitating an effortless exchange and communication of engineering design documents between organisational entities and Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPC), contractors while ensuring security. This process was to reduce paper handling and benefit from the associated storage cost.

Ihab Sahili, Chief Executive Officer of ITQAN said, “At ITQAN we pride ourselves in understanding thoroughly the customer’s needs and finding the most appropriate technology solution fitting that need and can be easily used by their employees/ partners. For Dolphin Energy, we realized that they had a future requirement for business management software solution, yet unimplemented. We did not only comprehend their present needs, rather we also envisioned their projected future requirements, and this how we built our solution.”

The finished solution offers Dolphin Energy a collaborative work environment, combining:

  • An electronic document management system to store all the company’s records
  • A workflow tool that allows Dolphin to route documents for review, approval and action.
  • A communications tool that allows users to "push" information to those they think need to see it - and for them to also "pull" any new information added to the system, which they think would be of use to them.
  • A contract coordination tool that allows Dolphin and selected contractors to coordinate their activities.
  • A collaboration tool that facilitates on-line meetings, chat and discussions.

This solution supports all parts of the organisation through efficient and effective management, empowering users to take control and communicate within the company and to recognised partners.

Ibrahim Lari, Vice President, IT & Automation, Dolphin Energy Ltd summed up the project, “ITQAN delivered perfect architecture and deployed a knowledge-based, secure decision supporting solution above and beyond our expectations.”

Technical details
ITQAN has implemented Livelink from OpenText as the enterprise document management system and corporate process automation. Livelink’s decentralised approach and the availability of add-on modules, as well as rich functionality at an affordable cost, were the main reasons behind the selection. This is complemented by an image capturing solution from Kofax.

The solutions had twelve key components:

  • System Architecture
  • System Integration
  • Document Management Engine
  • Workflow Engine
  • Search and Reporting Engine
  • Viewing and Mark-Up Tool
  • Forms Builder
  • Security Structure
  • Task/Discussions
  • Meeting Management
  • Pre-Build Workflows
  • User Interface



ITQAN, the UAE’s largest system integrator for medium and large businesses, was established in 1984 as Al Bawardi computers. The company name was changed to ITQAN meaning perfection in 1997. The company is 100% nationally owned and is a certified ISO 9001-2000 company. ITQAN employs a team of 100+ professionals, has offices located through out UAE and several channel partners through the gulf region.

ITQAN has been acclaimed numerous times for its excellence. ITQAN received the Dubai Quality Appreciation Award as the IT Company of the year (services) in 1998; the Middle East Information Technology Award as the IT Company of the year in 1999 and the Gulf Excellence Forum Award, 2000.

Today, ITQAN prides itself as one of the most prestigious local system integrators and is poised to serve the IT needs of the region through its specialisation in horizontal solutions such as Infrastructure, Security, Knowledge Management and Enterprise Resource Planning as well as vertical solutions such as e-Government, Healthcare & Customer Relationship Management solutions.

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Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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