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Aramco finalises contract with Al Alamiah Computer Systems Company Kuwait

Posted: 12 July 2004

The contract includes the supply of units linking up Aramco’s Head Office with its branches via video conferencing equipment ensuring video, audio & data transfer using VOIP based technologies (Voice over IP); increasing performance, saving time & effort, and decreasing travel expenditure

Al Alamiah Computer Systems Co., part of Al Alamiah Group, and the leading IT company in Kuwait for comprehensive solutions, recently signed a contract with Saudi’s Aramco for the provision of the most advanced video conferencing equipment worldwide.

Hassam Al-Saleh, Technical Account Manager, Al Alamiah Computer Systems Co., who made this announcement, expressed his pleasure at signing this contract with Aramco. He explained that this move reaffirms the capabilities of the Arab world and this region’s technologically advanced status, commenting that the installation of such advanced equipment in Arab countries is natural and vital, particularly for major economical sectors. He also stated that that Al Alamiah Computers Systems Co. has the capability to fulfill the requirements of its major clients by supplying the best solutions which best suit their business needs.

The execution of the contract, will commence next week and will include the supplying Aramco with video conferencing solutions, enabling video & audio communications between Aramco’s Head Office and its five branches distributed throughout Saudi Arabia. The video conferencing equipment include “Tandberg 7000” which allows instant video & audio communication, and data transfer, during meetings held between the Head Office & branch management.

“At Aramco we are keen to keep up with the latest technologies of the era, and we consistently looking at optimizing our standards. For this reason we have adopted the policy of carefully selecting the companies and third parties we deal with in this regard,” commented Dr. Ibrahim Al Mishari, IT Vice-President, Aramco. He added; “Our successful & long relationship with Al Alamiah, extending over a period of almost 10 years, has proved that Al Alamiah it is a partner we can rely on. This positive experience is our motivation for taking this fruitful relationship even further and we have once again chosen to rely on Al Alamiah Group for this step towards a new joint effort.”

The Video Conferencing network, a system based on the technologies of the IT giant Tandberg, a company specializing in video conferencing technology & equipment, is expected to optimize coordination between the various branches the Head Office management. 

The network is also expected to have the effect of decreasing travel costs for company executives, management & staff and reducing telephone bills, as the system is based on VOIP – Voice over IP technologies. Meanwhile performance levels are increased as the system saves time & effort, and provides speed & vitality to the company’s business activities. These are features vital for today’s business world!

It is worth noting that Al Alamiah Electronics, KSA, an affiliate of Al Alamiah Computer Systems Co., Kuwait, announced in April last that it has won a three & a half year strategic alliance with Saudi’s Aramco, during which time Al Alamiah is to provide Aramco & its various branches throughout KSA with desktop & laptop computers, and printers.

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