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U.S. Robotics wireless ADSL gateway certified by Etisalat

Posted: 13 May 2004

U.S. Robotics’ Sureconnect 9106 wireless ADSL gateway now available in Middle East market

U.S. Robotics, the leading provider of Internet connectivity 3solutions, today announced that consumers in the UAE are guaranteed the best quality and highest performance wireless products in the market, following Etisalat's approval of its ‘All-in-One’ product USR9106 (approval no.E04/41&31/043/G). In an industry where piracy is rising, end users are misled into buying low quality "cheap" products that neither work, nor are backed up by guarantees. In an effort to control this, Etisalat-approved products are given a seal of approval to indicate to end users that these products are compatible to the Etisalat Network and work seamlessly.

"Technical advancements are so fast moving that sometime it's hard to keep up, and many consumers often find themselves at the mercy of confusing jargon and technical terms," says Yusuf Syed, regional manager U.S. Robotics. "Formal type approval gives end users a guarantee that the product they are buying conforms to a high level of technical standards. U.S. Robotics will always go the extra mile to provide its customers with sound products."

Type approval comes through a variety of rigorous testing procedures to ensure technical products conform to the requirements and technical standards put forth by Etisalat and the Emirates Internet and Multimedia (EIM) Services Conditions.

The U.S. Robotics 9106 ADSL Wireless Gateway products, rightly nicknamed locally as “All-In-One” product, features an integrated 4-port Ethernet Router with built in ADSL interface and a wireless gateway to multiple networks. Based on the industry standard 802.11g and working at a speed of 54 Mbps, the USR 9106 ADSL Wireless Gateway is compatible with any operating system with an Ethernet connection and an IP Stack. Hence, this device is ideal for small- to-medium businesses and home network users. The high-speed wireless connectivity supports routing, bridging, Virtual Private Networks and remote management features. It offers multiple layers of firewall and security features, such as stateful packet inspection, Denial of service, IP Filtering, VPN pass thru, 64/128kb WEP encryption, DMZ and SSID broadcasting disabling to achieve high levels of network security. Easy-to-install and compact enough to fit into a network simply and unobtrusively, the USR 9106 is the latest in connectivity solutions, bringing wired and wireless networks even closer to the end user.

The USR9106 comes localised with a Java based application called Easy Configurator for setting up UAE’s Broadband configuration. The device is the only approved product in the 802.11g range from Etisalat with an ADSL connection and is now available in leading retail stores like Plug-ins Electronix, Quality Computers and Advanced Business Computers, etc.

"U.S. Robotics is one of the most trusted connectivity solutions companies worldwide; and this is why," says Yusuf Syed. "Our products will always focus on simple installation and ease of use. Reliable connectivity is one of the most important factors of our daily lives whether work related or at home."

For three decades, U.S. Robotics has been the world’s leader in Internet access, delivering the highest quality and most innovative modems available. U.S. Robotics also provides a selection of wireless and wired networking products and security devices for homes and small offices. The company is partnering with key industry players and new technology providers to bring consumers connectivity solutions through its extensive worldwide distribution channel. U.S. Robotics is privately held and headquartered in the Chicago area.

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Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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