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Eclipse talks Fieldbus Foundation

Posted: 4 March 2004

The Eclipse 705 series adds Fieldbus Foundation communication to the existing Hart / AMS protocols. The loop powered Eclipse Guided Wave radar distinguished itself by providing the most complete GWR offering in the world, serving applications such as HTHP (-150°C up to +400°C / full vacuum to 345 bar), interface, saturated steam and viscosity up to 10.00 cP.

All of the benefits of Fieldbus are included in the 705 series:

The H1 Fieldbus allows many devices to connect to a single wire pair, and distribution of control into the field devices. This results in less wire and reduction of the amount of I/O and control equipment needed, including card files, cabinets and power supplies.

Interoperability, defined as the "ability to operate multiple devices in the same system, independent of manufacturer, without loss of functionality" allows for time savings in the design stage and added flexibility after installation.

Full digital communication allows multiple variables to be brought back from each device for control, trending, reporting.

The self-diagnostics residing in the smart field devices minimizes the need to send maintenance personnel to the field.

Guided Wave Radars are known for delivering a high quality & stable measurement even under the most harsh process conditions. Since its signal travels over a GWR probe, almost no amplitude is lost, allowing the unit to measure in conditions suffering from heavy turbulence, foam, varying temp and pressure, changing density, pH and dielectrics. Eclipse has gained worldwide confidence as a superior but lower cost replacement of displacer and DP transmitters. Existing by-pass cages don't need any modification to accept the Eclipse electronics and GWR probe.

The Eclipse 705 with Fieldbus Foundation is offered with all existing coaxial and twin rod probes; its electronics are in compliance with all safety ratings including ATEX Fisco EEx ia and ATEX EEx d and can be used in SIL safety loops.

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Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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