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Paradigm displays workflow efficiencies at SPG Hyderabad

Posted: 18 January 2004

The new epos 3.0 integration framework supports highly integrated geoscience solutions, including advanced Geosteering capabilities

Paradigm, the premier provider of advanced petroleum geoscience and drilling technology to the oil and gas exploration and production industry, showed its next-generation software solutions, running on the new epos 3.0 data management and interoperability integration framework, at the SPG Exhibition in Hyderabad, India, January 15-17, 2004.

Based on state-of-the-art technologies, the epos 3.0 integration framework provides unprecedented workflow efficiencies and enhanced personal productivity through comprehensive product integration and advanced data management and interoperability capabilities, throughout the E&P process.

All of the workflows shown by Paradigm at SPG will run on epos 3.0, and Paradigm invites its customers to come for a firsthand look at the eXtra Value to be gained from this unique operating environment.

One of the recent successes in the Indian E&P industry has been the completion of a “real-time operations” pilot project by ONGC, India's National Oil Company.

In the project, LWD (Logging While Drilling) Geosteering data of Halliburton’s Sperry-Sun toll was streamed in real time from an offshore rig in the Mumbai High North field, to ONGC’s Third Eye Center (TEC) 3D Immersive Visualization at Vasudhara Bhavan, Mumbai. The Real Time Operation (RTO) of well data through the WITSML link, and its display in a 3D immersive visualization environment were enabled through Paradigm’s industry-leading visualization and interpretation solutions. This was the first successful implementation of WITSML 1.2 using the Paradigm Geolog® geosteering module.

Kharak Singh, Executive Director-Mumbai High, ONGC, said, “Paradigm’s entire suite of interpretation and visualization solutions involving geological model building, visualization of rock and fluid properties is being used at the TEC by all the producing assets of offshore Western India. Refinement of existing reservoir models through immersive volume visualization, and the design of high tech wells being drilled under the ongoing re-development of the Mumbai High field, one of India’s largest and most strategic producing oilfields, is being done by the geoscientists and engineers here in a collaborative environment. Paradigm’s solutions are enabling comprehensive visualization of well paths, well logs, fault framework and other relevant information. This integrated approach is helping to drill healthy, infill high-tech wells for improved oil recovery.”

The co-visualization, in a single frame, of static property derived from seismic, well log and core, and a dynamic property like hydrocarbon saturation through reservoir simulation, is a unique utility developed by Paradigm with the active participation of ONGC at TEC, Mumbai.

Andy Furniss, Paradigm Technology Director for Asia Pacific, added, “Paradigm’s fully integrated geoscience solutions and Trace-to-Target workflows are bridging the gap between Geoscientists and both Reservoir and Drilling Engineers, and enabling the type of multi-disciplinary collaboration we’ve enjoyed with the professionals at ONGC. Our cutting edge technologies enable such collaboration across the entire E&P workflow, answering an increasingly important requirement in today's consolidating industry.”

Paradigm runs a large seismic data processing center in Mumbai, with state-of-the-art computing technology that includes several hundred CPUs (Origin 3000, IBM Linux Clusters and IBM Blade Servers) and multi-terabytes of disc space (Fast 900).

Eldad Weiss, CEO of the Paradigm Group, gave the keynote address at SPG. Held on Saturday, Jan 17, at 10:50 AM. Mr. Weiss discussed, “Emerging Trends in the Exploration & Production of Hydrocarbons.”

About Paradigm
Paradigm provides information solutions to the leaders of the oil and gas industry worldwide. The company has a global network of sales, service and user support, with 22 offices in 19 countries, serving all major oil and gas producing provinces in the world.

Paradigm's advanced set of Software Solutions and Geophysical and Reservoir Study Services, in the form of Trace-to-Target workflows, covers every step in the oil and gas E&P process, from Data Processing and Imaging; through advanced Visualization, Interpretation and Earth Modeling; to Reservoir Characterization and Petrophysics; up to Well Planning and Drilling Operations.

All of these solutions are supported by the ?pos Data Management and Interoperability integration framework.


Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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