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Applied Microsystems sensors for BP Pipelines

Posted: 16 October 2003

Applied Microsystems Ltd sold six additional Spill-Sentry oil-on-water sensors to BP Pipelines.

The sensors are to be deployed throughout the American Midwest in sumps and containment ponds at BP facilities.

Detection signals from the Spill-Sentry units will raise an alarm in BP Pipelines’ monitoring facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma via a General Electric PLC system.

This second BP acquisition of Applied Microsystems’ oil-onwater sensors is part of an ongoing review of available leak detection technologies. Significant new functionality has been added to the system since BP’s original purchase.

Enhancements include the ability to output logical control signals, development of an onboard microprocessor, and increased sensitivity to all hydrocarbons, including crude oil.

Applied Microsystems designs and builds sensors and systems for in-situ, real-time detection and measurement in water. Located on Canada’s Pacific Coast, the company manufactures CTDs, sound velocimeters, oil-on-water sensors, and the world’s only commercially available underwater mass spectrometer.


Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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