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Sandvik Process Systems at Arab Oil and Gas Show, Dubai

Posted: 4 September 2003

Market leadership in Rotoform granulation — new orders for sulphur and paraffin wax

With a number of major new orders confirmed over the last 18 months, Sandvik Process Systems remains one of the leading suppliers of chemical melt solidification systems to oil and gas producing customers in the Middle East, with sulphur solidification being the primary application.

Of the different solidification processes produced by Sandvik, it is the company’s Rotoform system that has captured by far the largest market, and 2002-03 has seen orders placed by prominent engineering companies such as Technip, Snamprogetti, JGC, LG Engineering, Petrofac and SK Engineering.

The Rotoform process, a combination of steel belt technology and a specially developed drop-forming system, enables the cost-effective production of free-flowing, dust-free and easy-to handle pastilles.

As well as supplying the Rotoform system itself, the company also works in partnership with fellow Sandvik Materials Technology group company, Roxon, to provide downstream handling equipment such as conveyors, reclaimers and strip-loaders.

Since first introduced in the mid-1980s, over a thousand Rotoform systems have been installed worldwide, of which more than 200 are used for the solidification of sulphur. As more sulphur is extracted from oil — and more companies need to convert liquid sulphur into a solid product for easier handling, storage and transportation – so the benefits of Sandvik’s pastillation system have become ever more attractive to potential users.

Applications for the Rotoform process are not limited to sulphur; the system is ideal for solidifying any of the by-products extracted from crude oil, i.e. pitch, asphaltene, paraffin and residuals, all of which can be solidified in an efficient, flexible and environmentally friendly manner.

Orders recently confirmed for non-sulphur applications include one from a customer in China who will use a new Rotoform plant — consisting of four Rotoformers — to process up to 8t/h of paraffin wax into free-flowing pastilles.

This system will be commissioned by the end of 2003.


Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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