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Paradigm demonstrates advanced workflows at AAPG 2003

Posted: 14 May 2003

Paradigm, the premier provider of advanced petroleum geoscience and drilling technology to the oil and gas E&P industry, is demonstrating its highly scalable Trace-to-Target workflows at the AAPG Exposition, May 11–14, in Salt Lake City.

Located in Booth 233, Paradigm will show the latest developments in its comprehensive software offering, including all of its visualisation, interpretation and reservoir characterisation products running on the Linux operating system.

The Company will also feature the newest version of its industry-leading Geolog log management, correlation and petrophysics system, with functionality enhancements to help streamline workflows for all geoscientist professionals, from petrophysical experts to interpreters.

Scalable Workflows from Trace-to-Target
Paradigm’s unique Trace-to-Target workflows provide customers with multi-disciplinary solutions for solving demanding E&P problems.

At the AAPG, Paradigm demonstrators will present new fluid prediction workflows featuring multi-attribute seismic facies analysis (Stratimagic, SeisFacies) and AVO prospecting (Probe, Vanguard) technologies.

Additionally, an integrated volume interpretation demonstration, highlighting the structural and stratigraphic features of a large offshore 3D survey, will be conducted using the industry-standard volume-based interpretation solution (VoxelGeo), Paradigm’s innovative 3D visualisation canvas (Reservoir Navigator), and the industry-acclaimed waveform-based horizon autotracker (3D Propagator). Unique Seismic Data Attributes will be used to enhance and define structural and stratigraphic features of this offshore dataset.

Another demonstration will highlight the new Geolog Correlator, a comprehensive Geolog module for well correlation, which works easily with an unlimited number of wells, logs and all supporting data.

Case studies for structural modeling
Demonstrations at the booth will also include two case studies that highlight Paradigm’s technologies for structural modeling, balancing and model restoration. These studies will stress the importance of minimising the risk of a poor interpretation on oil prospecting, through structural validation and understanding of the time history of significant geologic events.

HP Linux Tutorium at the Paradigm booth
In collaboration with HP, the Paradigm booth will include a Tutorium featuring Paradigm’s advanced Visualisation, Interpretation and Earth Modeling, as well as Reservoir Characterisation and Petrophysics solutions, running on HP XW 8000 workstations with the Linux® operating system. Visitors will be able to personally experience the power and flexibility of Paradigm on Linux, through hands-on courses offered at the booth.

Philip Neri, Director of Paradigm’s Integrated Solutions, said, “The availability of Paradigm products on Linux is yet another manifestation of the Company’s commitment to provide its customers with a scalable offering, as well as the widest possible choice of working environments. Our products are delivering highest-quality results on platforms provided by our partners, the leading hardware providers in the computer industry. We are also pleased to show how our interpretation, visualisation and reservoir characterisation solutions solve the increasingly complex challenges faced by the oil and gas industry, from the interpretation of seismic data, all the way to well planning and drilling, which are enabled by our DirectorGeo/VoxelGeo offering.”

About Paradigm
Paradigm provides information solutions to the leaders of the oil and gas industry worldwide. The company has a global network of sales, service and user support, with 22 offices in 19 countries, serving all major oil and gas producing provinces in the world.

Paradigm's advanced set of Software Solutions and Geophysical and Reservoir Study Services, in the form of Trace-to-Target workflows, supports every stage in the oil and gas E&P process, from Data Processing and Imaging; through advanced Visualisation, Interpretation and Earth Modeling; to Reservoir Characterisation and Petrophysics; up to Well Planning and Drilling Operations.

All of these solutions are supported by the epos Data Management and Interoperability integration framework.

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Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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