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ExxonMobil resumes Mobil jet oil sales to all airlines

Posted: 17 March 2003

ExxonMobil reported it has resumed marketing Mobil Jet Oils to airlines served by Exxon Corporation prior to its merger with Mobil Corporation in 1999, but not previously served by Mobil.

As a condition of the merger to form Exxon Mobil Corporation
(NYSE:XOM), the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the European Commission (EC) required ExxonMobil to divest itself of the Exxon Turbo Oil (jet engine oil) business.

The new company was also prohibited from actively soliciting Mobil-branded jet engine oil sales at customers that had historically used exclusively Exxon Turbo Oils, until January 1, 2003.

With the deadline passed, ExxonMobil is now offering a complete range of aviation lubricants, including Mobil Jet Oils, to all commercial carriers, including former Exxon Turbo Oil customers.

"Mobil Jet Oils are the lubricants of choice for the majority of the world's leading airlines," said David Parsons, global aviation lubricants manager, ExxonMobil Marine & Aviation Lubricants. "Now that we have emerged from the temporary non-solicitation period, ExxonMobil is eager to introduce Mobil Jet Oils to potential customers who may not be familiar with our products' many advantages."

ExxonMobil is a leading supplier of jet oils, hydraulic oil, greases and specialty fluids for the aviation industry. It provides technical expertise and service for airline customers in nearly 200 countries and territories, and offers a complete line of premium lubricants for the general aviation market.

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Posted by Richard Price, Editor

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