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Corpro completes coring project, South America

Posted: 9 November 2011

Corpro, a member of international oilfield services organisation Reservoir Group, reported the successful completion of its first ever large-bore, wireline coring job in Colombia, South America.

"We are delighted with the results of this project," said Jeff Mallet, Regional manager for Africa and South America.

"The exceptional core quality recovered - in record time – will enable our client to maximise its exploratory activity in this formation.

"This is further proof that our product range and service provision is a natural fit for the challenges South America poses in terms of the exploration and development of both its conventional and frontier resources. We are looking forward to the continued application of our expertise and advanced technology as we carry on helping the region to meet the growing needs of its oil and gas industry."

Using the innovative QuickCore technology, provided through an alliance with Canadian-based Quest Coring, Corpro extracted core samples from a depth of 4,600ft, followed by a further 50ft of drilling to target depth (TD) in the first well. This work took place in the tertiary Mirador formation for its client, the Latin America-based exploration and production company, Petrominerales. More than 313ft of core was also recovered from the second well.

In excess of 360ft of core samples were cut in total from the first well, with a 93 per cent rate of recovery. Operations did not impact upon the integrity of the formation and were completed in a total of 44 hours, with an average 3.7 hours taken to cut and recover a 30ft length of core.

In the second well, Corpro achieved a 97 per cent rate of recovery. Drilling to target depth, it facilitated the cutting of 11 cores totalling 324ft within a period of 44 hours. As a result of the success of the project, the client has now expressed an interest in securing an additional QuickCore wireline coring system for its second rig.

Reservoir Group is committed to developing its presence in the region and this successful undertaking cements the reputation of the group and further highlights its commitment to the South American energy sector.

The QuickCore system was developed to facilitate more cost-effective performance and has the ability to reduce the trip time associated with coring by up to 75 per cent. It also delivers a 3.5” diameter core, which is the largest in the industry.




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