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Australian Centre for Geological Carbon Storage

Posted: 7 October 2011

The new Victorian-based Centre for Geological Carbon Storage will enhance Australia’s role as a leader in carbon capture and storage (CCS) research and education.

“The Centre will be a focus for CCS research and development in Victoria, as well as high level education in CCS-related disciplines,” said Dr Richard Aldous, Chief Executive of CO2CRC.

“It is a collaboration between the Cooperative Research Centre for Greenhouse Gas Technologies (CO2CRC), the Victorian Government and the University of Melbourne and will provide the skilled people and knowledge that will be essential to Australia’s low emission future.”

Government modelling demonstrates that CCS will be essential for gas power, coal power and for natural gas production if we are to meet Australia’s emission reduction targets at minimum cost. A rapid escalation in the need for engineers and scientists with the appropriate skills will be required to allow CCS to play its vital role in Australia’s climate mitigation measures.

“Victoria has been a hub for much of CO2CRC’s research for many years, including world-leading demonstration projects such as the CO2CRC Otway Project, the only geological carbon storage project in Australia, and our CO2 capture projects in the Latrobe Valley.

“We already have facilities, researchers and students based at the University of Melbourne making the new Centre a perfect fit for CO2CRC,” said Dr Aldous.

A key attribute for the Centre will be the access to the high quality student base at the University of Melbourne. The centre will be able to draw on both leading academics and tertiary students, especially post-graduate students, to build Australia’s capacity in CCS skills.

An important aspect is the ability for industry, government and research organisations to contribute and benefit from the work of the Centre.

Victoria is one of the more prospective areas in Australia for CCS because of the high CO2 emissions from brown coal and the first class storage geology in Bass Strait.

“For CO2CRC, a centre of CCS and geoscience excellence based in Victoria is a significant step forward for our research and skills base, involving industry in CCS development and increasing Australia’s credentials as a world leader in CCS science.”




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