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Infotechnics wins Slovakian refinery contract

Posted: 4 August 2011

Infotechnics was awarded a contract by Slovakian company Slovnaft, part of the MOL Group.

Infotechnics will deploy its operational shift logging software Opralog, to Slovnaft’s refinery near Bratislava.

"We are delighted that MOL Plc has extended their use of Opralog and selected it for their Slovnaft refinery," said Brian Pacitti, Infotechnics Technical Director.

"Opralog will provide a central database for key operational information with a quick and easy method of capturing data allowing it to be automatically shared, reported and accessed.

"This will reduce much of the manual effort, duplication and human error often found in plant logs and reports. Being in Slovakian, this is yet another great example of the multi-lingual capabilities of the system, which will enable us to achieve our target of moving into new markets supplying Opralog to clients in Europe and the rest of the world."

This project award follows the success of a previous Opralog deployment to MOL's Danube refinery in Hungary.

The Slovnaft site in Bratislava has a requirement for an electronic shift logging system as the company are keen to move away from paper based systems and standardise the way in which operational information is collected and reported.

The current system in place involves a myriad of documents, spreadsheets and databases.

Opralog will improve the flow of information, minimising the loss of knowledge, and allowing direct communication and feedback across the Slovnaft plant.




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