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Petris launches strategic consulting service for energy industry

Posted: 17 May 2011

Petris Technology launched its new Strategic Consulting Service to help the global energy industry transform data management challenges into growth opportunities.

Petris' Strategic Consulting Service guides energy companies as their data management progression matures and evolves.

"To achieve their growth and cost objectives, companies need to transition from simply federating data stores to higher-value data management processes, such as automated workflows, data mining and integrating structured and unstructured data across their operations," said Jeff Pferd, Petris Senior Vice President of Strategic Consulting.

"Petris created Strategic Consulting Service to help clients transition from collecting and organizing data assets to streamlining workflows and preserving valuable knowledge. This new service and methodology implements best practices and delivers practical, proven solutions."

The Strategic Consulting Service combines Petris' strong reputation for domain knowledge in wellbore, drilling and production, and seismic data with its ability to build effective collaborations across their clients' broad bases of operations.

"With our expertise in interacting with diverse, global groups, we can tap into an organization's creativity and perspectives, ensuring an improved transfer of knowledge, enhanced performance and a sustainable competitive advantage," said Pferd.

Through the Strategic Consulting engagement, a specialized Petris team works in tandem with a client's project leaders to analyze business challenges and identify innovative, cost effective solutions.

"We have developed a comprehensive methodology to guide clients through this process," said Pferd.

"Our engagement delivers clear solutions and meaningful value, resulting in improved workflows, increased productivity and a more unified, collaborative workplace for our clients."

The Strategic Consulting Service is highly flexible and scalable to meet each client's specific requirements, business size and experience."

As part of this new service, Petris ensures that its clients' current data management systems and applications are being maximized and delivering top value.




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