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ADIPEC 2010, the role of women in oil and gas

Posted: 28 October 2010

H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research will deliver a keynote speech at a day-long workshop organised by SPE to promote youth development, particularly of women, in the Middle East oil and gas sector.

The workshop, SPE Unleashing the Potential of Professionals in the Region: Working Hand in Hand, Bridging the Gender and Generation Gap, will take place on Sunday, October 31 at the Beach Rotana Hotel, Abu Dhabi.

The workshop will highlight how unleashing the potential regional talent and enhancing the skills and capabilities of the young male and female generation, with some focus on women’s issues, could significantly address the unprecedented demand for skilled professionals in the region.

The workshop objectives and desired outcome will be to gain practical insights into professional development and to create a set of recommendations that are required by all parts of society; governments, organisations, private sector and academia to enhance the image of the Middle East energy sector and to translate the recommendations into time-lined decisions working hand in hand to deliver fast the 2030 vision.

The three main areas up for discussion are Leadership, Women at Work and the Generation Gap.

The workshops will also discuss:

  • Developing self leaders while bridging both the generation and gender gaps
  • Making current access routes easier, fairer and ensure that people who succeed in gaining a top job do so on the basis of talent and merit alone
  • Recruitment of ambassadors who would work with schools to raise awareness of career opportunities in our energy sector
  • Changing attitudes through inspirational role models to encourage more females to aspire to a professional career
  • Providing a progressive workplace, development and outreach programmes and adequate communication technologies and tools to expand and strengthen the professional networks

"This workshop is seen as a very important catalyst for both men and women, to help unleash potential regional talent to fully embrace inclusiveness and diversity in the workforce and to best build high-performing teams to help our economy and society to flourish," said Badria A. Khalfan of ADNOC and chairperson of the workshop committee.

"Events such as the SPE Talent and Retention Workshop as a prelude to ADIPEC will not only serve to educate employers facing talent and retention issues, but will also inform and empower those who have perhaps experienced challenges and barriers relating to age and gender, to enhance their careers in the industry."

Sessions will focus on Women at Work and will address issues to include the challenges women face in career progression and the role of employers accommodating women’s professional and personal requirements in relation to the position they play, not only in the organisation in which they are employed but also in their essential role in the family and how the work-family balance.

"Women are fast becoming the major provider of intellectual capital for the region. The challenges they face of mixing personal career development aspirations with their essential role in nurturing family life will need to be addressed more aggressively and more creatively, by employers, than has been the case up to today. What facilities will be needed, what changes to working hours, what support can be and is being provided? These are all topics that need to be addressed.

"Very few female graduates from this region achieve senior management or professional roles due to inherent cultural and legacy career progression issues or concerns," Badria A. Khalfan said.

"When this fact is combined with the significant gap in middle and senior management positions that will be created by planned retirements, the region can no longer see the career progression of women as a luxury but a necessity for the betterment of the industry as a whole."

In addition to the keynote speech, the audience will listen to some success stories from Role Models and share with them their own professional experience.

Also, they will be enrolled in syndicates and group exercises to enrich the workshop. High level invitees including CEOs and senior vice presidents will attend the workshop.





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